Jama H. Pecore

Jama H. Pecore received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and obtained her law degree from the University of Oklahoma. She began her career in 1985 with a general practice but for many years has limited her practice to family law.

Pecore began serving as a respected Guardian ad Litem in 1999 and still serves in that capacity, representing the interests of the children in family law cases.

An experienced litigator, Pecore handles complex divorce, paternity, guardianship, child custody, child support, support alimony, and property cases. She appears frequently in Cleveland, Oklahoma and McClain counties.

Pecore is also active in the community, being involved with Girl Scouts, having served as president of the Exchange Club of Norman, and being very active in her church.

Pecore is a member of the Cleveland County Bar Association and the Oklahoma Bar Association, and is licensed in the State of Oklahoma and Western District of Oklahoma.