While motor vehicle operation is inherently dangerous

While motor vehicle operation is inherently dangerous

While motor vehicle operation is inherently dangerous, crashes involving different types of vehicles require sophisticated investigation and reconstruction methods to understand what transpired. You need a lawyer who knows how to deal with the specifics of your case, since different collisions raise different legal issues. Our experienced Long Island lawyers can help with several types of car accident cases, including but not limited to:accident attorneys

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents raise special legal issues because government workers are often the ones driving when the crash occurs. Government employees typically cannot be sued for negligence on the job, although exceptions can be made under certain circumstances.

You can also take legal action against the government agency responsible for the bus operation, although again there are some special rules to follow. Government immunity rules, or sovereign immunity rules date all the way back to English common law, and it is important for plaintiffs to have a knowledgeable lawyer help with these challenging cases.

Our attorneys can also help with bus accidents that occur on buses operated by private entities, such as touring companies. Whether against the government or a private company, we represent both bus passengers who were hurt as well as other motorists involved in a collision with a commercial vehicle.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are 30 times more likely to die and five times more likely to be injured when involved in a crash as individuals in passenger cars. Motorcycle crashes routinely occur as a direct result of drivers who don’t know how to safely share the road and who ignore the oft-repeated advice, “Look Twice, Save a Life.”

Motorcycle accident victims face certain challenges in filing claims, including both the severity of their injuries and the fact that motorists sometimes try to claim that injuries were caused by the biker (such as damage due to not wearing a helmet). The bottom line is, if someone caused your motorcycle accident and injuries, that person should be held liable. Our lawyers can help victims pursue their claims.

Truck Accidents

Like motorcycle and bus accidents, truck wrecks are different in important ways from other motor vehicle collisions. First and foremost, in most truck accident cases, the driver who caused the wreck is often not the best defendant to pursue a claim against.truck accident atorneys

Trucking companies typically have more money and insurance coverage than drivers and are considered to be liable both for company negligence and for negligence on the part of employees. This means that a victim who is hurt in a truck crash could potentially sue the trucking company, rather than just the single driver.

Truck accident cases are also more complicated in many situations because the injuries are more serious or because the driver has broken federal laws such as those set out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). A lawyer can help victims of truck collisions understand who to seek compensation from and to choose the right approach to maximize their chances of getting full and fair compensation.

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